Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center of Ioannina

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The OSMCI focuses also on the monitoring of athletic performance. On this basis hundreds of evaluations have taken place and athletes from many different sports like soccer, track and field, rowing, cycling, weight lifting, handball and others have been informed about their physical condition (systemic and local) and were given instructions. Many of these cases involved professionals and national team athletes.


Ergophysiology includes
1) myodynamic testing
2) ergospirometric testing.


The use of ultrasonography in musculoskeletal imaging is a non invasive modality that has not known harmful effects on humans (it does not use ionizing radiation) and is well tolerated by specific groups of patients, like children, claustrophobics, patients with metallic implants in whom magntetic resonance imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is not indicated or is difficult.

Kinetic analysis

Kinetics is the study of forces, moments and powers. We can study them in a biomechanic laboratory with the aid of force-plates, in which we can actually measure the ground reaction forces applied at the lower limb joints and especially at the knee joint.

Gait Analysis: The study of Kinematic Gait Patterns

In OSMCI we have performed significant research to quantify knee joint movement. The knee flexion-extension as well as the rotational movement patterns during gait and other activities imitating sporting activities (that include cutting and pivoting maneuvers) have been extensively studied in both ACL-deficient and ACL-reconstructed individuals. Except from aiming to find the most optimal ACL surgical reconstruction technique, this work has also produced a series of world-wide acknowledged and multi-citated published studies.

Dynamometric and Electromyographic Evaluation

Dynamometry and Electromyography includes:

1. Telemetric electrophysiological control of movement and power
2. Myodynamic control
3. Balance control
4. Assessment of explosive and muscle power in athletes and sports active people before and after the basic training period