Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center of Ioannina

“A modern and fully equipped facility”

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center of Ioannina

The Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center of Ioannina (OSMCI) is a contemporary and completely equipped laboratory that belongs to the Orthopaedic Surgery Department of the University of Ioannina. Anastasios D. Georgoulis, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery is the director of the OSMCI since its foundation. The OSMCI has essentially two responsibilities: the education of its fellows and medical students and the research on specific questions relating to the area of sports medicine and specifically to the sports injuries. In addition the OSMCI supports the advance of championship level athletics in the north west Greece.

The research focuses mainly on the outcome of the arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, and subsequently on the improvement of the surgical technique. On this area several oral presentations and posters have been presented in numerous greek and international congresses worldwide. Also significant number of scientific papers has been published in peer reviewed journals.

On the area of education the OSMCI has organized seminars of arthroscopic surgery for young residents of Orthopaedics as well as seminars of Sports Medicine for orthopaedists, residents and physical therapists. The teaching of the theoretical and practical sessions of the “Sports Injuries” lesson that is taught to medical students during the fourth year of medical school studies takes place at the OSMCI institution.

One of the sessions of the OSMCI that is constantly developed and presents a significant activity is the Exercise Physiology Session for the assessment of the aerobic endurance of the athletes in terms of several parameters of cardiorespiratory fitness. Several athletes that participate in soccer, cycling, handball, rowing, track and field, weightlifting e.t.c and most of them are occupied in a professional and a national team level have been evaluated at this session of OSMCI. This activity is going on and provides the athletes and their trainers with valuable information as to the improvement of their training program.